Ofsted Report

Dismantling the Scaffolding

During the two years that follow, children begin to understand their basic language and Numeracy, with slightly less teacher ‘scaffolding’ to support them. Steadily Abbey children are being led towards becoming independent learners.

The steps are gradual and neither the children or you, the parents, will notice that soon their achievements are more of their own efforts, and less of their teachers. In addition, children continue to gain confidence in themselves as learners and in their chosen additional fields.

Learning Stamina

Throughout Year 1 and 2, children are developing their ‘learning stamina’. Each group spends approximately half the morning on number work and the remainder of the morning on language development activities.

In the afternoon, the children work and play on slightly less academically demanding work, gradually increasing their powers of concentration and their enjoyment of a more rigorous educational programme.